Thursday, July 19, 2007

O'Quinn Lawyer Ordered to Pay Clients $35.7M for more than 3,000 clients

Lawyer Ordered to Pay Clients $35.7M
Associated Press 07.19.07, 8:05 PM ET

HOUSTON - Prominent trial lawyer John O'Quinn has been ordered to pay at least $35.7 million to more than 3,000 former clients for improperly deducting expenses from settlements he won for them.

With interest and attorneys' fees, O'Quinn might have pay as much as $60 million.

"Quite simply, if O'Quinn is allowed to improperly withhold client funds with impunity, other lawyers may believe that they can do likewise. Such a result would destroy the very integrity of the special and unique relationship that exists between attorney and client," according to a final order released Thursday by a three-person arbitration panel that decided the case. Click here for more.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NYTimes: Former Surgeon General Says He Was Muzzled


Carmona said some of his predecessors told him, "We have never seen it as partisan, as malicious, as vindictive, as mean-spirited as it is today, and you clearly have worse than anyone's had."

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The first U.S. surgeon general appointed by President George W. Bush accused the administration on Tuesday of political interference and muzzling him on key issues like embryonic stem cell research. click here for full article

Bush's Former Surgeon General Blasts Administration

CAMERON DIAZ: I will never get breast implants

CAMERON DIAZ: I will never get breast implants.

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Monday, July 09, 2007


Subject: Re: ORIGINAL BREAST IMPLANT MOVIE!! "Two Small Voices"

Hi Ilena,
Please consider sharing this with your mailing lists. This movie is the actual history of the beginning of the breast implant controversy and how it all got started.
AMAZON.COM has just begun selling "Two Small Voices", the film that was done for Lifetime TV about the breast implant issue nearly 9 years ago.
When the movie was made and first released for t.v., the manufacturers prevailed upon the network to change specific references to "the Meme," an implant sold by Bristol Meyers and to Dow Corning. They further required a 5 minute tag done by Linda Ellerbee outlining the controversy about implants from a more pro-manufacturer point of view. That version of the movie has been seen around the world, many times, over the past many years.
The version being sold on AMAZON.COM is the ORIGINAL version of the movie without the changes required by the manufacturers. It does not have the Linda Ellerbe tag either.
Although the movie is somewhat dated (it now costs nearly $15,000 to remove implants as opposed to the $5,000 number mentioned in the movie), it still is important to watch by women considering implants. Women need to know history so that history is not repeated. And the history is in that movie.
Ladies, PLEASE consider ordering a copy of this movie....
We NEED for women to put their opinions about Two Small Voices on so that we can use it as one more forum to get the word out on breast implants.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Almanac ... July 8, 1998 ... Dow Corning Reaches Settlement Agreement for Women Harmed by Their Products

Almanac  ... Sunday July 8, 1998

In 1998, a tentative settlement was reported between Dow Corning Corp.
and lawyers for 170,000 women who claimed they had become ill from the
company`s silicone breast implants
Nine years later ... a very large percentage of the women have received no compensation ... and the last figures I saw was less than $10,000 per woman had been paid out for years of surgeries, scars and failed implants. Many women have given up hope ... others have died.
Blessings to all from Ilena