Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Breast Cancer Sells * Support Group Greetings * Raising Awareness

Dearest Friends ... near & far.

I've been so relieved to reconnect and learn many of our support group members and family members in Southern California are safe from the fires ... although breathing is proving to be hazardous to the health of many in this vast area.

How in the world did so many fires start simultaneously?

Our group  has many relatives and loved ones whose property is still in danger and the challenges are rising ... Interstate 5 is now closed ... the implications of which are more than concerning. The good news is the winds are slowing down.

Our dearest friend Joanie, long time Support Group Leader Extraordinaire in La Jolla had this soothing advice:

Thank you. I have a house full of refuges. I keep lots of boiling water with a gob of Vicks or Mentholatum on the stove boiling at all times. It keeps the air moist and helps with keeping the ash from entering your nose. If you have a chance let people here know as the air is so dry and the ash is very bad for us. Also, Zicam for allergies ( the gel) is excellent. It is homeopathic and works wonders.
Love you Ilena  Thanks for your prayers. Much appreciated.

I am using this stressful time to update our Website & Blog  with more & more of your stories ... we are finding it quite effective in combating some of the vast and limitless advertising / public relations volumes churned out daily by the Breast Implant Industry.

Here are a couple of newer entries ... please meet these wonderful people.

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Note from Ilena:
The quote below shows the depths the breast implant / breast cancer industry goes down to, to market their highly profitable product.

Breast Cancer Sells By Lucinda Marshall, AlterNet Posted on October 24, 2007

This year there is even called Beyond Breast Cancer that cheerfully proclaims that there are "10 Good Things About Breast Cancer."

According to the bubblegum-colored magazine,
one perk is a pair of new boobs that "will face the horizon, not the South Pole.' Better yet, they will be paid for by insurance.

  Whole article here: