Monday, May 04, 2009

Terrible Precedent ... Miss California Given Breast Implants by Pageant

Miss California's Breast Implants Funded By Pageant: CONFIRMED

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My comments:


Thanks to the Huffington Post for covering this revealing article.

For 14 years, I have headed an international support group of women harmed by breast implants. I know that this decision is one with serious potential health effects.

By early 2001, 234,187 had filed serious adverse reactions with the FDA.

Here is just one instance of death post implants.

Another tragedy was a teenaged cheerleader who died within days after her surgery.

In reading this interview, it seemed to me that the Pageant officials were treating a serious medical scenario of implanting an often dangerous device such as breast implants much like a change of make-up color or adding a bow to a dress.

While true that many women are happy with their implants for a time ... when they break or become encapsulated or incur infections, it is a serious and oft long lasting medical problem. The high incidence of auto-immune diseases being triggered by implants is another potential long term complication.

Women often lose their insurance when they choose breast implants, and of course it is well known that breastfeeding post implants may be problematic on many levels.

While we wish her the best of health ... the false belief that implants are the answer to self confidence issues is upside down and backward.

Best from Ilena Rosenthal